My Storychase your dreams until you're out of breath and then, keep going.

Since I was 5 years old, I’ve been both behind and in front of a camera.

My mom loved photography when I was growing up, I always enjoyed looking through the photos she would take. It might sound silly, but taking photos made me feel like I had some sort of super power. The ability to freeze time at the push of a button, to grab every feeling and emotion in a moment. With it, create a beautiful piece of art that you could hold onto forever.

I received my very first camera when I was 11. My “portfolio” then, consisted mainly photos of my younger brother on his bike and my pet betta fish, Spike. It wasn’t until I was about 16 that I decided to start my own business, taking senior portraits for others in my high school.

After I graduated high school, I started exploring new avenues of photography as well as modeling. Unfortunately, I experienced harsh criticism and insults towards my work. Not from peers, but from people that I respected and trusted. People who I thought were good friends of mine. I hate admitting that it finally wore me to the point that I put the camera down and gave up my dream of being a photographer; focusing mainly on a career in modeling. I had many successes, including a 2 year modeling contract with American Eagle Outfitters, visiting New York City with my dad to see photos of me displayed in Time Square. However, I didn’t feel as passionate for modeling. That’s why I am rewriting my story; here I am 2 years later with a camera pressed against my face again and joy in my heart. Modeling has given me the understanding of knowing how uncomfortable it can be on the other side of the camera, allowing me to better direct and comfort clients. I love watching clients come out of their shell. This is what I believe I was created to for; my favorite part is getting to share it with you. Nothing makes me happier than receiving emails from clients expressing how happy they are! Displaying my art, their story, in frames all over their home.

You are the author of your own story, allow me to illustrate it.

 photos taken by Kyle S. Ford Photography